Matjhabeng Mayor Under Fire for Nepotism, Incompetence, and Corruption Allegations

National News/08 November 2023,12:51pm/ Mandla Nkosi

Embattled Matjhabeng Mayor Thanduxolo David Khalipha:image supplied

By Mandla Nkosi: In a bombshell report, Executive Mayor of Matjhabeng, Cllr Thanduxolo David Khalipha, stands accused of rampant maladministration, nepotism, and corruption. The report has unveiled a chain of suspicious activities that cast a long shadow on his leadership, ethical conduct, and commitment to good governance.

In a shocking display of alleged corruption, Khalipha’s palatial 3.4 Million Rand house is said to have been built by a service provider in a kickback scheme for tenders granted by the mayor. The controversy deepens as the mayor also reportedly hired the service provider’s daughter as his personal assistant.

The mayor is also being scrutinized for purported nepotism and favoritism within municipal employees. He allegedly appointed over 15 people who assisted him during his election campaign, creating permanent positions for them within months of his election.

Among these dubious appointments include Mrs. Bulelwa Mpaka, initially hired as a month-to-month employee but swiftly appointed as Manager Monitoring and Evaluation. Despite her title, she is housed in the Mayor’s office and reports directly to him.

Mr. Ntsikelelo Mtirara, another appointee upon Khalipha’s election, was rapidly promoted to a senior management post. Additionally, Mrs. Betty Notsi, initially appointed on a month-to-month basis, was assigned a permanent position as Fleet Officer. However, she allegedly never performed her role, serving instead as the mayor’s personal assistant.

In a particularly damning claim, the mayor is accused of requesting a 4 million Rand payoff from a service provider to process their payment.

These allegations paint a grim picture of the Matjhabeng Local Municipality under Mayor Khalipha’s leadership. If proven true, such blatant violation of ethical conduct and the rule of law would be a significant stain on public service. It is crucial that the relevant authorities investigate these claims thoroughly to deliver justice.

The Mayor’s spokesperson, Tshediso Tladi, issued a vehement denial of the allegations on behalf of the Mayor.

“We strenuously reject these allegations of corruption, mismanagement, and favoritism,” said Tladi in a statement. “The Executive Mayor and the institution have an unwavering stance against corruption.”

Tladi insisted that the municipality is committed to transparency, effective systems, and governance. He also noted that they actively collaborate with state agencies to uncover instances of fraud and corruption.

“Regarding the specific individuals mentioned, it is important to clarify that they have not been appointed to the positions alleged,” Tladi continued. “Our recruitment policy outlines the terms for recruitment, and we assert that proper procedures were diligently followed.”

Tladi concluded by encouraging anyone seeking relevant documents or data to follow the procedures set out in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000, while emphasizing the legal obligation to protect personal information and refrain from public disclosure.


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