Mangope Named as ActionSA’s Premier Candidate for North West

Politics/ 12 October 2023,09:24am/ Staff Writer

ActionSA’s North West Premier Candidate Kwena Mangope: Image Supplied

By Staff Writer: ActionSA has announced Kwena Mangope as its premier candidate for North West, marking the party’s first such announcement. Mangope, son of the late Bophuthatswana homeland leader Lucas Mangope, brings with him a strong political background and a passion for human development and the restoration of South Africa’s glory and pride.

Mangope, a retired brigadier-general with a career spanning over 40 years, acknowledges the challenge of securing power from the incumbent ANC government in the North West. However, he is optimistic about the prospects, citing the significant groundwork done by ActionSA in the region. He said, “ActionSA in North West has been hard at work on the ground, and a significant marker of this is the number of branch launches we’ve had so far.”

The party has launched more than 100 branches in the province, indicating their progress and commitment. Mangope believes the 2024 elections will reflect South Africans’ collective dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in the country.

The premier candidate commended his party’s growth in the province, buoyed by the positive reception they are receiving across the North West. “Today’s announcement of myself as a premier candidate demonstrates our commitment to work hard and grow our movement,” said Mangope.

He added that the party is determined to reset its path towards the prosperity promised in 1994. Mangope asserted his confidence that ActionSA is the most viable alternative to the failed ANC government in the province. The party’s focus is on improving the lives of all people in the province.

The North West region, which has some of the worst-run municipalities in South Africa, is a key focus for Mangope. He came out of retirement to join politics in response to the problems facing the province.

“North West remains one of the most impoverished provinces, yet it sits atop one of the largest deposits of precious metal and mineral wealth in the world,” said Mangope. He expressed his concern over the lack of basic facilities and the ongoing underdevelopment under ANC rule.

He cited the fact that more than 10 municipalities are under mandatory intervention and administration in the province as a testament to the urgent need for change. Mangope promised to lead the restoration of the province with a clean and accountable government.

“Under ActionSA government, no tender will be issued to supply donkey carts to our people. ActionSA will run a clean government that is accountable to the citizens and responsible for the decisions that we make,” he concluded.


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