Charges Withdrawn Against Three Accused in Thabo Bester Escape Case

Crime/11 October 2023,16:33pm/Mpho Mokoena

By Mpho Mokoena: In a surprising turn of events, the State has withdrawn charges against three of the accused in the case involving convicted killer Thabo Bester and his audacious escape from the Mangaung Correctional Facility in May of last year. The decision was announced during a hearing at the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court on Wednesday , where Bester and 10 other co-accused appeared.

One notable absence in the courtroom was disgraced doctor Nandipha Magudumana, who was expected to stand trial alongside the other accused. However, her lawyers revealed that she was in poor health after allegedly collapsing on her way to court. Consequently, Magudumana was unable to attend the hearing and is believed to be unwell in the court’s holding cells.

During the proceedings, Senior Prosecutor Amanda Bester informed the court of the State’s decision to withdraw certain charges. The exact charges that were dropped and the reasons behind this move were not immediately disclosed.

Among the accused whose charges were withdrawn were Nastassja Jansen, Thabang Mier, and Moeketsi Ramolula, all of whom were employed by G4S at the time of Thabo Bester’s escape. The remaining 11 co-accused, including Bester himself, appeared in the dock without Magudumana.

The court further revealed that the case is now prepared to be transferred to the high court for pre-trial proceedings. This development marks a significant step forward in the legal process surrounding Bester’s escape and the subsequent investigation.

The escape of Thabo Bester had captured national attention due to the audacity and planning involved in his breakout from the high-security prison. Bester, who was serving a sentence for a heinous crime, managed to evade authorities for several weeks before being recaptured.

As the case progresses to the high court, it remains to be seen how these recent developments will impact the outcome of the trial. The withdrawal of charges against three of the accused, coupled with the absence of Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, raises questions about the complexity of the case and the potential implications for all parties involved.

The public will be closely watching as the legal proceedings unfold, eager to see justice served in the wake of Thabo Bester’s daring escape from captivity.


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