MSB Event Group Pledges to Address Concerns Raised by Patrons

Entertainment/ 04 October 2023,08:25pm/ Mpho Mokoena

Matjhabeng Spring Blow Event, which was held in Welkom, Free State, on Saturday, September  30th, 2023: image supplied

By Mpho Mokoena: The Matjhabeng Spring Blow (MSB) event group has responded to concerns raised by patrons about an incident that took place during the past weekend’s festivities. The group promises to introduce stricter measures to handle non-compliant vendors and ensure the safety and comfort of attendees in future events.

The latest MSB, which took place from Friday, 29th September to Sunday, 1st October 2023, attracted over 15,000 patrons and provided a significant economic boost to the communities of Matjhabeng and Surrounding areas. The event, as per the group, offered temporary employment opportunities and supported local recycling businesses through clean-up efforts.

However, the event was not without its issues. A fire broke out at the Riebeeckstad Cricket Stadium on Saturday, caused by a non-compliant vendor selling food illegally near the event venue. The MSB group is keen to assure attendees and the wider community that the situation was dealt with swiftly and efficiently, with no harm to attendees.

In light of this incident, the group plans to implement a more stringent system to manage non-compliant hawkers and prevent similar occurrences in the future. The MSB team expressed their appreciation for the patience and understanding of the community and reassured them of their commitment to prioritizing safety and comfort.

Despite the incident, the event was deemed a success, with no complaints or incidents reported during the comedy show at Freddie Meyer Hall, the soulful blow event at Griffons Rugby Stadium, or the spin blow event at Phakisa Race Way. The MSB Team expressed gratitude to the South African Police Service, paramedics, security personnel, and their partners MTV Base Africa, Comedy Central Africa, and BET Africa for their unwavering commitment and support.

In a statement released by the MSB Team, they thanked patrons for their feedback and assured them that their concerns and criticisms would be addressed effectively. “We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to our patrons for their support and feedback. Your criticisms and concerns have been heard, and we assure you that they will be dealt with effectively,” the statement read.

As the team looks forward to future events, they promise to strive for continuous improvement and uphold a higher standard of organization and entertainment. They concluded their statement by extending a heartfelt thanks to all partners and attendees, looking forward to welcoming them to future events.


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