Devastating Car Crash Takes the Life of South African Gospel Star Sechaba Pali’s Partner

National News/14 September 2023, 07:40am / Mandla Nkosi

South African Gospel Star Sechaba Pali and his partner Nompilo Kunene: image supplied

By Mandla Nkosi: Gospel music lovers worldwide are mourning the tragic loss of Nompilo Kunene, the beloved partner of South African gospel artist Sechaba Pali, after a fatal car accident on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Kunene succumbed to her injuries following a devastating car accident in Thabong, Welkom. Pali himself was present during the accident and suffered multiple injuries.

Known for her unwavering support and presence at Sechaba’s events, where she often performed alongside him, Kunene was a fellow worshipper and mother to the couple’s children. Her sudden passing has left both the Pali and the Kunene families, as well as fans worldwide, grappling with the loss of a cherished life.

The Pali and Kunene families extend their gratitude to the global community of Sechaba’s supporters, acknowledging their trust and belief in his talent and his dedication to serving the LORD, even in challenging times.

“This is another profound loss for our son,” the Pali and Kunene families said in their statement. “We hope that the love and support from his fans will continue to provide him with the courage he needs in this difficult time.”

The families are welcoming prayers and messages of condolence, letting fans know their support is providing much-needed strength and comfort during this challenging time.

For further information and condolence messages, the Pali and Kunene families have asked to be contacted through their representative, Thebe, at +27732070822.

As the world mourns the loss of Nompilo Kunene, it also sends healing wishes to Sechaba Pali in the hope that he will recover from his injuries and find strength in the love and support of his global supporters.


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