EFF Bars 439 Public Representatives from 10th Anniversary Rally

Politics/27 July 2023,09:59am/Mandla Nkosi

Economic Freedom Fighters President Julius Malema: image supplied

By Mandla Nkosi: The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have recently announced their decision to prohibit 439 of its public representatives, including 4 Members of Parliament, from participating in the highly anticipated 10th anniversary rally at FNB Stadium.

This action has been taken in response to their failure in organizing transportation for their respective constituencies to attend the forthcoming celebrations.

Among the banned individuals are two Central Command members, Vusi Khoza and Phiwaba Madokwe, who have been publicly shamed for their inability to fulfill their responsibilities.

The published list of 428 leaders banned from attending the event has sparked debates online, with some questioning whether this move is an example of accountability in action or an overzealous measure.

Last week, EFF leader Julius Malema made an announcement that issued a directive to representatives across government spheres, urging them to coordinate transportation arrangements for their constituencies to ensure their presence at the anniversary rally. The cut-off date for meeting this requirement was set for June 30.

The decision to bar these public representatives from the milestone event raises concerns about the EFF’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within the party.

As the EFF prepares to celebrate a decade of existence and activism, the absence of these leaders prompts reflection on the party’s internal challenges and the potential impact on its future trajectory.

The 10th anniversary rally, scheduled for Saturday, is expected to draw thousands of supporters and serves as a significant platform to showcase the EFF’s achievements and outline its vision for the future.

The banned leaders will be conspicuously absent from this milestone event, leaving a void in the party’s representation.

The EFF has yet to provide further details or comments regarding the decision to bar these public representatives from the rally. As the party’s supporters and critics closely observe the unfolding developments, the EFF faces scrutiny over its handling of internal affairs and the perceived consequences of this decision on the party’s overall image and unity.


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