Two Individuals Sentenced for Assisting Lesotho Illegal Immigrants Cross Into South Africa

Crime/25 July 2023, 13:45pm/ Anele Ndlovu

By Anele Ndlovu: In a significant breakthrough, the Hawks, a specialized investigative unit, have successfully prosecuted and secured convictions against two individuals for their involvement in helping illegal immigrants from Lesotho cross into South Africa. Makgauta Modiehi Mofokeng (40) and Thabo Moji (31) were found guilty and sentenced by the Bethlehem Regional Court, marking a major win in the fight against illegal immigration.

The arrest and subsequent conviction of Mofokeng and Moji were the result of an extensive investigation conducted by the Hawks, who had received information about a farm near Fouriesburg being used as a hub for facilitating the illegal crossing of Lesotho immigrants into South Africa. The investigation uncovered a network operating under the radar, exploiting vulnerable individuals seeking a better life.

According to the Hawks, the accused were found guilty of assisting illegal immigrants in crossing the border, a crime that not only undermines the integrity of South Africa’s immigration system but also poses potential risks to national security. The court, recognizing the seriousness of the offense, handed down appropriate sentences to Mofokeng and Moji.

The conviction and sentencing of these individuals serve as a stern warning to others involved in similar activities, emphasizing the government’s commitment to combatting illegal immigration. This landmark case demonstrates that the authorities are actively pursuing those who engage in such criminal acts and are determined to bring them to justice.

Illegal immigration poses a significant challenge to South Africa’s economic and social fabric. It places an additional burden on already strained public resources, such as healthcare, education, and housing. Moreover, it undermines the rule of law and jeopardizes the safety and security of both citizens and immigrants.

The successful outcome of this investigation highlights the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the public in addressing this issue. By working together, we can identify and dismantle networks involved in human trafficking and illegal immigration, thereby protecting the rights and well-being of all individuals within our borders.

The Hawks, along with other law enforcement agencies, continue to prioritize efforts to combat illegal immigration. Their commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of all South Africans is commendable. However, it is crucial that the public remains vigilant and reports any suspicious activities related to illegal immigration to the relevant authorities.

As a nation, we must work towards creating a society that is inclusive, fair, and just. This can only be achieved by upholding the rule of law and ensuring that those who exploit vulnerable individuals for personal gain are held accountable for their actions.

The successful conviction and sentencing of Mofokeng and Moji are significant steps towards achieving this goal. It sends a strong message that South Africa will not tolerate illegal immigration or those who profit from it. Let us stand united in our commitment to safeguard our borders and protect the rights and dignity of all individuals within the nation.


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