Dr Gate Aims to Bring Home Prestigious Award in the 2023 Tswina Music Awards

Entertainment/17 July 2023,16:40pm/Anele Ndlovu

Mbulelo “MaGate” Pistol: image supplied

By Anele Ndlovu: Mbulelo Pistol, affectionately known as Dr Gate or MaGate, has garnered a well-deserved nomination in the upcoming 2023 Tswina Music Awards. As the only nominee from Bloemfontein, Pistol is filled with joy and excitement for being recognized for his exceptional work. Nominated in the Best Radio Presenter category for his “Re Hlabolla Moya” Clap and Tap gospel show on BBT, an online radio station based in Bloemfontein, Pistol hopes to win the award and bring pride to his hometown and the Free State region.

Voting is open, and Pistol urges everyone to support him by sending an SMS with the code “TMA 262” to 40439. Each SMS costs R2.

Dr Gate has made substantial waves with his Clap and Tap gospel show, “Re Hlabolla Moya,” which airs on BBT. Through his program, he elevates the spirit of listeners by presenting uplifting gospel music within the genre. Pistol’s dedication and passion for his craft have struck a chord not only with the local Bloemfontein community but also with supporters across South Africa.

This nomination in the esteemed Tswina Music Awards validates the tremendous impact he has had on radio and the entertainment industry.

Pistol expresses his elation and humility at being the sole nominee from Bloemfontein. He expresses gratitude to the other provinces who have acknowledged his role in promoting the clap and tap genre.

Recognizing the significance of this nomination, Pistol dreams of bringing the award home and making both Bloemfontein and the whole Free State province proud.

His unwavering commitment to promoting gospel music and providing a platform for talented artists has certainly made him a deserving contender for the award.

To secure the win, Pistol relies on the support and votes of his fans, friends, and the wider community. Voters can show their support for Dr Gate by sending an SMS with the code “TMA 262” to 40439.

Each SMS sent will cost R2, making participation both simple and accessible. Pistol remains humbled and grateful for every vote that helps pave the way towards his victory.

Mbulelo Pistol, popularly known as Dr Gate or MaGate, stands on the brink of an illustrious achievement as a nominee in the 2023 Tswina Music Awards. Nominated in the Best Radio Presenter category for his phenomenal clap and tap gospel show, Pistol hopes to triumph and bring the coveted award back to Bloemfontein and the Free State.

His dedication to his craft and unwavering involvement in the music industry have earned him the recognition he richly deserves. Supporters are urged to vote for Pistol by sending an SMS with the code “TMA 262” to 40439 to play a part in helping him secure this prestigious honour.

With the love and support of his fellow residents and well-wishers, Pistol has the potential to make an indelible mark in South African music history.


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