Pregnant woman airlifted to hospital after truck ploughs into 47 cars on Durban’s M41 onramp

National News/06 March 2023,12:46pm/ Staff Writer

By Staff Writer: A pregnant woman had to be airlifted to hospital following a multiple vehicle collision on the M41 in Durban on Monday morning.

At least two other people were also critically injured.

Kyle van Reenen of Emer-G-Med said multiple emergency services agencies rushed to the scene on the M41 onramp to the M4 highway just before 8am. He said the latest count showed 47 vehicles were involved.

On arrival at the scene, teams were met with absolute mayhem as reports indicate that a fully laden truck ploughed into multiple light motor vehicles. At this point it is unconfirmed what substance the truck was hauling.

The Ethekwini Fire Department have secured the scene until confirmation is made that it is safe,“ van Reenen said.

“Reports from the scene are that multiple people have been left with injuries ranging from minor to serious. A pregnant woman was airlifted, with the assistance of the Netcare911 aeromedical helicopter through to a specialist facility for the definitive care that she requires,” he said.

Samantha Meyrick of IPSS Medical added that two people had been critically injured and were rushed to hospital for further care after they were treated and stabilised at the scene by advanced life support teams.

Garrith Jamieson of ALS Paramedics said multiple vehicles were involved in the crash and were severely damaged. He said more than 10 people were being treated at the scene.

The roadway has been affected and motorists are being urged to avoid the area so that clean up teams can clear the area.

Police were in attendance and will be investigating further.


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