Free State Education MEC Tate Makgoe is aiming for a 90% matric pass rate

National News/ 24 October 2022, 08:10am/ Staff Writer

Free State Department of Education MEC Dr Tate Makgoe: image supplied

By Staff Writer: Free State Education MEC Dr  Tate Makgoe says this year is aiming for a 90% matric pass rate.

Last year 2021, the province achieved 85.7% matric pass rate, making it to obtain position one in the country.

This was the third consecutive year the province emerged as the top-performing province throughout the country. 

Speaking to reporters after the matric exam prayer service, which was held at Sasolburg on Sunday 23 October 2022. 

The confident Makgoe, says they will emerge as the top performing province again in 2022 matric results for a fourth consecutive year, says as the province, they are working really hard to ensure that they maintain the standard.

“We are destined to succeed and nothing will stop us, we have a good strategy that we have been improving annually. Our strategy looks simple at face value, but is difficult to implement. It needs dedicated leadership, teachers, administrators and pupils.

I aim to achieve a 90% pass rate. I want to raise the bar higher and higher. It is achievable. We are ready to reach it.” said Dr Makgoe

Makgoe further indicated that part of his strategy focuses on rural and township-based schools. He believes the secret to improving results is in the hands of leaners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Every child has the potential to achieve anything. Our leaners from disadvantaged beginnings need motivation and support to be equal to their peers in former Model C and private schools.”

According to Makgoe preparations for this year’s final examinations already began in 2020.

“In 2020, we focused mainly on the Grade 10 pupils. We gave them the necessary support. We were lucky that the class of 2022 had a full year of daily learning in 2021. This year we started on a high note and utilised all the resources at our disposal.

“We focused more on difficult questions. We gave them video and audio material. Our June results showed that our strategy was working and our September results were much better than the previous year.”

Makgoe thanked President Cyril Ramaphosa and Harmony Gold Mine for their academic assistance, by organising weekend learning programmes.

“Our teachers have adopted pupils. Various schools have organised their camps. Some children don’t fail because they don’t understand, they fail due to circumstances beyond their control.

We developed our study materials based on pupils’ performances. We didn’t stop assessing pupils. We had the March, June, and September examinations. We want our children to get used to high-order questions.

“A matric certificate means a lot to a poor child. All our schools are more than ready for the final hurdle. We have given them the support they need. Our progression and part-time pupils are also ready to deliver,” he said.

The MEC however advised matric learners to begin with the easy questions in their exam and to then focus on the more challenging ones.

He added that the education department had identified learners who needed help with the subject of Economics.

“Economics gave us problems. But we are doing well in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. We are number one in the country in Physical Science. Last year, we were number three nationally in Mathematics.

“We dropped a little because of Covid-19. Economics asks contextual questions requiring our children to know the current economic situation. We have beefed up our libraries where they discuss current issues.”

Meanwhile the department had also adopted chartered accountants, economists and engineers to assist township and rural schools.


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