“We don’t want incompetent Ntombela for ANC provincial chairperson ”-says ANCYL

Politics/ 17 October 2022, 19:34pm / Mandla Nkosi

ANC youth league Mangaung region poster vowing not to support Sisi Ntombela: image supplied 

By Mandla Nkosi: The time to elect the leader who will take Kaizer Sebothelo house to greater heights of unity has arrived with some leaders slammed and others shown support.

Members of the ruling ANC and its leagues across the Free State province are convening Branch General Meetings (BGMs), to table their wants for the upcoming National and Provincial conferences.

Although there are mixed reactions amongst the members, there are social media reports of members of the ANCYL, who used Facebook to show their discontent about one of the runners and embattled Free State Premier Sisi Ntombela.

Ntombela who has since shown her intentions to lead Kaizer Sebothelo House as the Chairperson, was lambasted as a non progressive member.

The African National Congress youth league in Mangaung Region, has vowed not to support Sisi Ntombela in the upcoming provincial conference.

They accuses Ntombela of failing to implement the ANC mandate of giving people basic service and entirely developing the province.

“As the youth league in Mangaung region, we have taken a conscious decision that come conference we are not going to support this incompetent and selfish woman, who is only serving her family interests instead of community interests we are tired of HALALA and BLANKETS” said an angry youth league member in ward 23 Mangaung region.

Ntombela is also accused of cancelling financial support for the students.   

Another Ntombela loyalist Asive Dlanjwa was also told by one of the facebook commentators Ntombizamazikode Princess Zwane to stop recruiting young people to support Ntombela and further accused her of cancelling student bursaries and subjecting them to unbearable hunger.

“Asive you know very well what this woman does stop selling us ingulube ese sakheni you know very that kulanjiwe eUFS black child need bursaries and she cancelled them STOP SELLING Us to this selfish and heartless woman!but one day kuzoyiwa eZulwini” said Zwane

Unfavoring support against the embattled Premier has also seen on the ordinary members of the society, who accused Ntombela of empty promises whenever she comes to lure support.

“We are tired of her, and indeed ANC need to remove this dishonest woman before is too late, otherwise we will not vote for the ANC in 2024, if they elect her to lead the party”

Various political analysts have also indicated that the women’s-league leader was dodgy and that her character has taken away her support.

Meanwhile Ntombela spokesperson Palesa Chubisi, was not available for comment at the time of publishing the article.


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