Ncamile Nxangisa: ‘ANC doesn’t have proof that Mangaung Council Speaker defied party mandate’

Politics/ 17 May 2022, 20:33pm/ Thabiso Ndobo

Mangaung Council Speaker Stefani Lockman-Naidoo:image supplied

Bloemfontein: The drama continues to escalate within the governing party, African National Congress, in the Mangaung Metro region.

This is after the ANC`s Interim Regional Committee (IRC) issued disciplinary letters to four members who allegedly defied the party‘s mandate in the region.

Speaking to the Free State Insider, Ncamile Nxangisa, who is the Spokesperson of the ANC in the region said, the ANC receives reports from the office of the Chief Whip and these reports would reflect and note negative indicators which include, comrades, conniving with the opposition parties.

“We believe that our soldiers cannot be commanded by enemy generals, they should be commanded from the center which is the Council of the African National Congress.”

He further said that Councillors have in the past voted with the opposition, and the ANC and the PEC of the time applied themselves. The party conducted an investigation to find Councillors who voted with the opposition, but they could not find those councilors and none of them came forward.

This happened when a motion of Confidence was brought forward against the former Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli.

Nxangisa said at the moment they don’t have proof that councilors including speaker, Stefani Lockman-Naidoo,  have defied the ANC mandate, the only thing IRC has received is allegations leveled against the four ANC Councillors.

He further said that based on the said allegations these members are called to prove whether they have voted with the opposition at the Council sitting of Mangaung Metro Municipality or not.

The Speaker is allegedly charged for knowingly and intentionally defying the resolution of the ANC Caucus during the Council Meeting of Mangaung Matti Municipality by allowing the motion to be discussed or debated in the council instead of referring it back to the ANC structures.

“During the Council Meeting of Mangaung Metro Municipality, you knowingly and intentionally defied the resolution of the ANC to refer the matter back of the conduct of the HOD Corporate Services by including it in the Agenda of Council whilst the same matter never served before Whippery.” The letter states

Lockman-Naidoo said, “I have now received the letter despite their unprocedural and premature suspension of me in the media two months ago. I am in the process of consultations to respond in due course.”

She added that “this is a witch-hunt from factions in the ANC led by the convener and coordinator of the IRC.”

Lockman-Naidoo is expected to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee on the 07th of June 2022.

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