BMF Student Chapter calls for DHET to blacklist White racist student

National News /17 May 2022, 16:59pm/ Thabiso Ndobo

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Bloemfontein: The Black Management Forum Student Chapter (BMFSC), has called for the perpetrator, Theuns Du Toit, at the University of Stellenbosch, to be blacklisted by the Department of Higher Education and Training from enrolling at any other South African Institutions.

The Student Chapter has also welcomed the “precautionary suspension of the perpetrator” and also called for his expulsion from the university. BMF National Student Chapter Chairperson said in a statement

“Failure to impose harsher punishment will set a wrong precedent in this regard, and send a message to students that this behavior is acceptable.”

According to BMFSC Chairperson, Thulani Mlangeni, “the incidents sets back many transformation gains in the higher education sector and open the door to more brazen incidents that eventually lead to corporate racism in business.”

“The BMF Student Chapter stands for the development and empowerment of student leadership, primarily among black students at Tertiary Institutions, and the creation of leadership structures and processes, which will enhance the abilities, and capabilities of students upon entering the labor market and corporate world,” Mlangeni added

The South African Student Congress (SASCO) in Stellenbosch, has also condemned the actions of Du Toit.

“We condemn with the highest contempt the racist actions of the racist hooligan who attacked a fellow black student.”

Du Toit entered the room of the victim at 04:00 in the morning while he was asleep and the victim then saw a white student urinating on his study desk, books and laptop. When asked by the victim why he was doing that he said that is what they do to black boys.

“The racial hooligan violated the student‘s dignity thus violating his constitutional right as a citizen of South Africa but also his rights as a Stellenbosch University student. The Student constitution is clear that every student has an inherent right to human dignity and a right to have their right respected and protected.” The student command said in a released statement

The Student Command demands that the University and relevant authorities make sure that justice prevails in this case and for Black students to have confidence that the institution truly respects and protects their rights.

“SASCO will  continue to ensure and fight to make sure that every student‘s right especially the rights of black of black students who continue to experience racism in one form or another from this university,” SASCO said

A petition has been making rounds on social media platforms calling for the expulsion of a racist student, Theuns Du Toit.

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