Ntombela visits fire stricken hostel in Sasolburg

Local News /12 May 2022, 08:16am/ Thabiso Ndobo

Free State Premier Sisi Ntombela donating food parcels and blankets to residents of Umgababa hostel:image supplied

Sasolburg: The Free State Premier, Sisi Ntombela, visited the residents of Umgababa Hostel in Zamdela, Sasolburg following a massive loss when part of the hostel was destroyed by fire.

This visit follows an assessment made by EXCO‘s directive to be made at the hostel to find out the extent of the damage and ways to assist those affected by the fire.

According to a statement, released by the Premier‘s office, “A total of 16 units were gutted, leaving residents with absolutely nothing, except the clothes on their backs. Parents, most of them mothers, were left in a predicament after their identity documents were lost in the fire and thus became difficult to get the much needed social grants for their children”

“We are also working around the clock to find temporary structures for our people while we are busy looking for a permanent place for them. I’m particularly saddened to see where they currently stay and it goes without saying that the sooner we find a suitable, habitable place for them, the better” Ntombela said

The process of getting hostel residents Identity Documents is already underway and the Department of Human Settlement is also expected to attend the issue of adequate houses for these people.

Ntombela added that they are reminded of the commitment they made to the people of this province which is to improve their lives.

The Premier later visited the House of Praise Ministries International and gave a keynote address for Mother‘s Day.

Working together with Wheels on Meals the Premier also donated more food packages, sanitary packs and toys for the little ones at the church.

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