The ANC will announce EC conference results on Monday afternoon

Politics /09 May 2022, 08:01am/ Mandla Nkosi

Two ANC Eastern Cape heavyweights who are contesting for Provincial chairperson position
Babalo Madikizela left and Oscar Mabuyane right: image supplied

Bloemfontein- The long battle between Oscar Mabuyane and Babalo Madikizela will finally come to a head as 1,494 delegates will decide who’s best to lead the party in the province over the next five years.

The African National Congress (ANC) will announce results from the internal polls on Monday afternoon.

A court application, threats of a collapse to collapse the sitting and a deadlock over credentials saw the conference only nominating candidates for its top five officials late on the third day of the conference.

Heightened security amidst fears of an attempt to collapse this conference and several delays caused much frustration for delegates.

But most turned to an age-old tradition in the ANC, using amagwijo, a Xhosa name for revolutionary songs, to keep them going.

Hand gestures like the call for a substitute in a football game and peace signs meaning the second term were used to indicate approval or disapproval for Mabuyane.

Nominations were opened just before midnight.

Mabuyane had this to say when asked if he accepted his nomination.

“I, Oscar Mabuyane, accept,” he said.

His opponent Babalo Madikizela was equal to the task.

“I, Babalo Madikizela, accept”.

Voting, which got underway early on Monday morning, saw delegates being ushered to the polls in groups of 30 at a time

The conference is expected to close on Monday.



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