Prince Kaybee Shows Off Manhood

Entertainment/ 05 May 2022, 06:09am/ FSI Reporter

Zimbali hitmaker Kabelo “Prince Kaybee” Motsamai: image facebook

Bloemfontein: Deliberate mischief or just some fashion fail? Prince Kaybee’s member is out there on the internet again.

In a recent post to his Instagram page, the “Zimbali” singer had shared a picture of him in pants that accentuated his manhood.

There was no caption to the post, and Prince Kaybee himself looked uninterested in whoever was taking the picture of him.

He appeared preoccupied with checking something on his phone.

But posting the picture of his pedunda couldn’t have been a mistake, according to some of those who reacted to the post. As far as they’re concerned, it’s more of a reminder to the public that he’s got what he’s got.

In case you missed it, the “Club Controller” hitmaker had in 2017 started a challenge named for himself in which those participating would show their dick sizes.

Years later, his nudes had surfaced online amid claims of cheating on his girlfriend, Zola Zeelovin.

Anyway, it appears like Kabelo isn’t done with his dick flaunting just yet. And if the comments are to be taken seriously, the ladies love the whole risqué photo run.

But for how long will this continue? The coming days should reveal a lot. Stay tuned if you please.

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