ANC Free State ignore youth voice

Politics /23 September 2021, 08:46am/ Mandla Nkosi

Ancyl Free State Convenor Katleho Mangoejane:image supplied

Bloemfontein: There are reports of disregarding other structures of the Ruling ANC in the Free State mainly the ANCYL by its mother body.

Members of the Youth League in Free State accuse mother body of total ignorance of youth voices in the province, this came after the party appointed regional task teams allegedly without consulting the league or members.

Speaking to members of media on Wednesday, the convenor of youth league in the politically unstable Free State province Katleho Mangoejane reported the total rejection of all the interim regional committee members in all the regions.

“The ANCYL vehemently rejected all the IRC lists for their lack of youth representation and after an exhaustive debate on the issue, the meeting resolved that officials from the ANC and the ANCYL should urgently meet to make the necessary amendments to the lists that were presented.

“To our dismay the meeting has not taken place till today and have learned that the ANC went ahead and adopted the lists as they are, furthermore presented them to branches across all re- gions.”

“We view this as a sign of arrogance and tantamount to undermining of the ANCYL on the part of the ANC.

This action goes against the ANC’s own National Conference resolutions which spoke to the need for representation of motive forces through the 25-40% quota in all leadership positions to be reserved for youth and leaves us with no other option but to rise in defence of the sanc- tity of this particular conference resolution.” Said Mangoejane

He added that the ignorance by ANC would affect the party performnce in the coming local elections.

“The ANC in the Free State continue to make nika nika arrangement, allocating pensioners who failed to bring change within the movement, with leadership positions, deliberately sidelining capable young people.

We want to inform the ANC that youth of this province, will never be part of that arrangement and if they don’t fix this mess they have created, youth of this province will have no choice except to retaliate” said angry Mangoejane


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