Gunmen dressed as security guards rob post office of sizeable amount of cash

Crime /04 August 2021, 14:45pm/ Mandla Nkosi

Viljoenskroon: Two armed men dressed as security officers robbed a post office in the Free State of an undisclosed amount of money.

The post office in Viljoenskroon was robbed of “a sizeable amount of cash on Tuesday, August 3”, said the police.

Spokesperson of the Free State Police Brigadier Motantsi Makhele said it was alleged that two men dressed in clothes similar to that of security officers approached a 49-year security officer at the post office after it had closed and told him that they were delivering paper.

He opened the door and accompanied them inside.

Makhele said on entering, a firearm was pointed at the security officer and he was instructed to lie on the floor.

“Together with another employee they were taken to the back where another female employee was finishing her duties.”

Makhele said the suspects demanded the keys to the safe and were told they were not available. From there, he said, the victims were were tied up with cable ties and left in the back bathroom.

“The suspects allegedly searched the cashier’s drawers and cabinets. After a while, the victims managed to untie themselves and found out that they were locked in the post office with no sign of the perpetrators. They were assisted by night-shift securities.”

Makhele said the suspects took three cellphones and money from the till points before fleeing.

A case of business robbery was opened, Makhele said.


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