“SGBs play important role” -Makgoe

Monday 01 March 2021, 13:57pm/ Lebona Lekoena

Free State Education Department MEC Tate Makgoe: Image Supplied

Bloemfontein: The time has arrived for the yet three years season of electing new school governing bodies.

The first week of new month March 2021, mark an end to the three years and beginning new of governing bodies of public school all over the country.

All public schools across the country will participate in the 2021 School Governing Body Elections, which will be the first to be held under the current covid19 pandemic debacle.

The department of Education facilitates this season’s elections under the theme ‘Reimagining School Governance under complex conditions’

Speaking to The Insider, Free State department of Education spokesperson Howard Ndaba encouraged parents to participate in the elections.

“We urge all parents and guardians to familiarize themselves with procedures and to come forward and participate in these very important processes.

It is of critical importance that parents check if they appear in the school’s voter’s roll before the voting date,” said Ndaba

School Governing Bodies play a role in ensuring good administration regarding quality learning and teaching.

“SGBs have a very important role to play in the way schools are managed and the South African Schools Act empowers communities through SGBs to be actively involved in the welfare of schools located in their areas.

They were created to advance the democratic transformation of the schooling system and provide a platform for active participation of school communities in the decentralised decision making process.

Our Province’s future depends on our ability to improve the quality of our children’s education. This requires an effective partnership between the education department, principals and teachers, and (crucially) parents and learners,” he said.

The department believe that the SGBs, are key stakeholders of learning and teaching.

MEC Tate Makgoe said School Governing Bodies are the nexus of effective partnerships in schools.

“In particular the SGB empowers parents to become powerful players in the education of their children,” he said.

He called on parents to hold SGBs accountable of their duties.

“SGBs are accountable to the school community and are tasked with ensuring that the school runs smoothly and efficiently. As such, SGBs are vital in:

– improving the quality of education – ensuring good governance
– ensuring that schools serve the interests of the community and meet expectations of parents
– assisting in spreading the cost of education across users and society and combatting racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination and intolerance.
These are biggest elections after the national, provincial and local government elections.

We call for maximum participation of parents in these elections and urge parents to elect candidates with the relevant skills which will add value to the Governing Body and its school, such as legal, administrative or accounting skills.
It is every parent’s responsibility to take an interest and have their say in the running of their children’s school to ensure that the school provides the best possible quality of education to all its learners.

Experience has shown that schools where many parents are involved, are often the best performing schools, both academically and socially.”

He called on all the legal guadians and parents to take part in these elections.

“Don’t stand back! Get involved in your child’s schooling and make a difference.
It is your duty as a parent or member of the community to serve in any way you can. Your reward is to improved education for our children to give them a better future and contribute towards the strengthening of South African society.

“You can make your voice heard by offering to stand for the elections as a possible SGB member or by nominating the best candidates for the SGB elections and making sure that you vote on Election Day.
As a member of the community who is passionate about education and South Africa’s future, play your part and make your voice heard,” Maggie said.


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