Free State Student Fly SA Flag High

Thandeka Radebe Seipati set to release her musical album this week.

Entertainment/23 June 2020, 13:45pm / Lebona Lekoena

Bloemfontein: South Africa has over 20 000 students studying abroad about one third of them are studying in communism states such as Cuba, China and Russia.

The Insider spoke with one of the students from Free State Province Thandeka Seipati Radebe who continues to shine in vodka land, Moscow Russia.

The artist tells the Insider about her album which is due in 4 days. 

“My stage name is Queen Thandeka i am an ambassador of the African pop culture genre here in Europe. I am a fourth year Agronomy student in the People’s Friendship University of Russia studying under the Free State province international scholarships,” she said.

Radebe told The Insider of her proud to be from Free State. “I was born and raised in the Free State in a small town called Maokeng Kroonstad within the dusty streets of Dinoheng Koekoe village.”

The young artist set to release her musical album in Moscow Russia.

“The name of my album is “ka babakhe” meaning her dad’s this album is dedicated to my late dad whom death stole so much from including our growth as his family and i still remember his love to this day even though he passed on years and years ago but something in me believes he wants to be with us. This album has five fuming original tracks in it  including a russian song that i wrote and created from scratch myself.

I took my aspirations from the hardships i had faced growing up concerning societal preferences and i have always hoped to make it as a bigger shaped woman just so i can advocate for the upcoming generation that it is okay and very much normal to be bigger and talented i had a tough journey outside my home i was called names and all these negative forces made me believe i could never standout because i did not look the part but i convinced myself and realized how much i loved music and how good i was in singing and since that moment i have never looked back i sang my lungs out every-time and everywhere.”

The 29 year old believes that her music journey is on the cards as she had experienced difficulties.

“I have had challenges of name calling because my big shape and most of my musical journey difficulties i had had them while i was still a lot younger but to be very honest i have never really had it tough so far as a soloist because i am only 3 years old into the industry as  my own brand meaning i am no longer a back up singer, a back up dancer or all these other jobs i grew up doing for other artists and to be specific i had a challenging lovelife as a young woman and that highlighted most of my arts journey because my former partner whom i had dated for several years was also an artist and this factor did not really allow me to have my own personal journey in the industry but my now is looking very bright promising and exciting because it is painted all me on it, said Radebe.

Russia is one of the countries that has high rate of Covid19 cases and according to Radebe the government adviced citizens to be cautious.

“When the lockdown started it was a lot of harsh for me because we survive not only with money as artists but to showcase is something we dont choose to make, but we are ordained to become entertainers it is a spiritual calling that is why people who are born as artists die as artists it is above our streams of choices. But a pause is always better than running with a fast pace but not knowing where you are heading to, as much as it is not very comfortable to our desires and dreams or should i say plans but only God knows what we need.

I want to say to the world that make it work just wake up each day and make it work for you have a willing spirit and God will lead you forth. Stay safe work together with our forefronts meaning our leaders, doctors, security gaurds, essential workers and  their regulations that way we can fasten the process of beating this i know we can and we will.”

When asked about her arrival in Moscow the young lady said:

“I arrived in Russia in 2016 and started my studies with their first priority and preference which is for every international student to learn how to speak and write their language that particular programe is called Padfak.”

Like many others she has kept achieving more in her tuition work.

“I completed the padfak one year programme and started my actual main course which is Agronomy that is the study of soil science and plant growth and nutrition. In 2021 i will be graduating and preparing to go back home to give back to my people practicing all the different methods we are being taught here in Europe,” she said.

She alludes that: “Moving to Russia ignited another factor in me “soloist” the way they loved my presence on stage they always shouted “make your own music”

it took me 2 years to even attempt, but when i thought of my big dark girls i never looked back. I am also like any other ordinary black South African young woman having an uneasy background at home and making means to see to it that my family doesn’t endure this poverty for too long and if it means packing my bags leaving home entirely to search for this fortune to better our lives then that is exactly the mindset i wake up with on a daily bases.

My music talks about South African fun, pain, hardships and untold stories in their relationships and also so much humour in my lyrics is found and lastly you can never listen to my songs and not move just one finger it is impossible i made triple sure it inspires authenticity in each and every black person in this whole world and i deliberately created a russian song with African beats to promote togetherness and one love to evidently illustrate that it is possible to become one in this world.”

She was appointed the ambassador of africa to Europe. The honor which she thanks.

“I am to be the global African embassodor i am still to tour the whole globe and become the Beyonce from South Africa.”

“My album is found on all online streams

You type “Queen Thandeka” and you can access all my songs on: Apple music, Google play, Audiomack, Youtube music, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, Tiktok/ Resso and hopefully very soon it will be on your local radio stations.” 


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