The RET Forces are not a factional body of the ANC.

Opinion Piece / 27 February 2020, 20:05pm/ Bongani “Logic” Ngcanga

Bongani “Logic” Ngcanga

The RET Forces are not a factional body of the ANC. However, these are members in good standing of ANC branches who have a desire to see policies of the ANC implemented.

The African National Congress is a mass democratic movement, in that it accommodates all sectors of society thus referred to as a broad church. As a broad church it is friendly and accommodative to all sorts of different ideas/views. These ideas are the corner stone from which the ANC draws its inspiration and molds its existence.

The umbrella of these ideas being to fight the ever increasing deprivation in our society and to give our people a better life through the usage of the state resources. I am saying this because of the radical posture the ANC 54th Conference took. A posture which is necessary if the ANC is to fulfill its founding idea of an equal society with less social stratification and its people living in harmony.

Much is being said about the agenda of the RET FORCES and it not being a constitutional structure of the ANC. True as that maybe, we ought to not distort the purpose the RET FORCES are trying to achieve.

The nature of politics in this epoch is that social mobilization as a measure which we use to pass a message across with hope of being well received by our leaders. Participatory appraisal is eminent when trying to remind our leaders of the promises we as an organization have made and from which premise these promises were made.

The plight of our people for a better tomorrow shouldn’t be taken nor left to chance. Not leaving anything to chance, the forces of RET coordinated themselves and sort to defend the resolutions of the conference of the ANC (54th).

RET FORCES are not a factional body trying to render the NEC of the ANC redundant. These are members of the ANC in good standing who are seemingly worried about the state at which the character of the organisation is degenerating on terms of implementing its own decisions.

The national congress of the ANC is the highest decision making body and its decisions should be upheld and implemented to the core. The RET FORCES seek to ascertain that the radical posture the ANC has taken is maintained and the decisions of the movement get implemented.

It is thus incorrect to equate the rise of support for the RET Forces as factional and to view the RET Forces as a cabal which seeks to define itself outside the collective of the ANC which in this case will be the delegates to the 54th Conference who took sober resolutions of a radical economic transformative agenda of the mass organization.

The Agenda of the RET FORCES is to see through policies of the ANC and to see the NEC of the ANC taking a stand and owning up to resolutions of the Congress. These resolutions were made in the best interest of the ANC as a leader of the society and the ANC as the party in Government.

As a carrying organization, the ANC should in fact be worried about the constant disregard of its decisions by its own members in all spheres of government. If we are to defend the gains of the ANC throughout the years, it remains pivotal that we practice what we preach. Hope alone does not give land, hope alone does not pay fees, and hope alone does not create space for our people to actively participate in the country’s economy.

In any political space, it remains normal that comrades will sympathize with leaders who are biased to a progressive course and agenda such as RET without fear of contradiction. With that said, there remains nothing wrong with the members of the ANC, in which ever form they may appear to go and pledge solidarity to Cde Jacob Zuma. Comrade Jacob Zuma remains a leader of the ANC and a former President for that fact. So, no amount of talk in any form will denounce him from such. The same goes for any other president of the ANC.

RET Forces will continue to sympathize with Cde Jacob Zuma and this shouldn’t be seen as ill-discipline or factionalism. Supporting Cde Jacob Zuma in his time of need is commonly known as UBUNTU and it does not detour the NEC of the ANC from doing its work. So, people shouldn’t really be preoccupying themselves with thoughts of sabotage and factionalism where RET Forces are concerned. We love comrade Zuma as a leader and respect him as a former President of the ANC and that of The Country.

We really can not be sitting around and be found looking for signals when the white Monopoly Capital puts the integrity of the ANC at jeopardy. The state of the organisation is upnormaland is in dismay. In actually fact being ill-disciplined is to fight tooth and nail to not implement resolutions of the organisation. Mass mobilization will emancipate the ordinary masses of the country and as RET Forces we shall continue to respond to the common believe that none but ourselves will free our minds.

We are a generation of the ANC which has identified its mission and we shall do everything to achieve this mission because the intention is to never betray the mission.


–The people shall govern,

– The people shall share in the country’s wealth,

– The land shall be shared among those who work it,

– The doors of learning and culture shall be opened.

All these should come to reality and RET FORCES are prepared to see them through.

Bongani “Logic” Ngcanga is an ANC and ANCYL Member writing on his personal capacity.

Contact Number: 081 494 7271


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