Festive season kickstart

Local News/ 27 November 2019, 18:55pm /Lebona Lekoena

Traffic cops controlling traffic on the N1 highway: Image supplied

Bloemfontein: Now that festive season has arrived all drivers are asked to be cautious on the roads.

The Insider went to the streets asking them about one of their rights when they are stopped by traffic cops on the road.

Did you know that it is within the drivers right to ask for Cops ID if they are pulled over.

The Insider spoke to the drivers in Mangaung and they responded in the following:

“I’m not aware if I’m supposed to ask for ID, because they don’t allow us time to talk to them, they just demand licenses and they search the roadworthiness of the vehicle and let us leave,” Ntombenjani Makhathi said.

Thabo Moreki added: “Yes I know about that but I fear to be victimised for no reason. But if I’m pulled over at the segregated area I demand to see their IDs.”

Meanwhile Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula urged drivers to be alert during this year’s festive season.

He warned drivers that fake cops will erupt in most segregated towns and it would be well for them to ask for Cops’ IDs.

“I want to remind our drivers that it is within the law for them to ask for the IDs of the cops if they suspect them. Fake cops are mostly to high jack or steal drivers’ belongings and police will be working to stop them,” minister Mbalula said.


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