White people continue to earn more than Black people

National News/ 26 November 2019, 16:30pm/ Sompane Molefi


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Bloemfontein: The Statistic South Africa has revealed that white employees earn three times more than their black counterparts.

The office reported that this happens in private sector adding that the reason may be racial division.

The act was in the past spearhead by past regime where white government workers were earning more than their black colleagues.

Speaking to Zaid Naidoo who is a human resource consultant he told The Insider that the act is still rife in the country.

“In South Africa you find that whites are still earning more than blacks even if they are doing same job or you find a white junior employee earning more than black senior official” said Naidoo

Naidoo blamed the act on racists bosses.

“Nationalists still control economy, they’ll claim to be in the new era yet they treat blacks like nobody,” he added.

He explains what employers looks from labour consultants.

Most of the brokers knows that when a certain company is looking to employ there is race, salary and qualifications needed, but this always used to discreet blacks.

Meanwhile Stats SA also added that the number of unemployed people in South Africa increased from 4,5 million in Q3:2009 to 6,7 million in Q3:2019. Black African women are the most vulnerable with an unemployment rate of over 30%. They are followed by Coloureds & Indians/Asians with a rate of 23,7% & 18,2% respectively.

The number of persons employed increased by 62 000 in Q3:2019 to 16,4 million Q/Q. Employment gains were mainly driven by services (56 000), mining (38 000), agriculture (38 000) & private households (35 000).


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