Bloem Businessman accused of rape

Crime/ 22 November 2019, 08:45am / Sompane Molefi

Peter Mokgothu a Bloemfontein business man accused of  raping a 25 year old student: Image Facebook

Bloemfontein: While the country is battling the skyrocketing cases of Gender based Violence, a man was released on bail on Tuesday, 19th November, when his rape case was postponed to January 2020.

Peter Mokgothu, a bloemfontein businessman who is reported to have closed links with the high profile politicians in the province, is facing a rape charge of a 25 year old Central University of Technology Student.

According to what The Insider has found Mokgothu forced himself on the victim leaving his girlfriend who is a friend to the victim after realising that she was deeply drunk.

He also believed to have asked his friends to convinced the victim to drop the charges.

The incident happened after Mokgothu, victim and her friend known as Lerato spent time at one of the famous hangout bar in Bloemfontein.

It is alleged that after the trio entertained themselves at the famous night club, they went to sleep at Mokgothu’s house.

Upon the arrival at the house, it is reported that while the two ladies were asleep at the two separate rooms, Mokgothu went to other room where the victim was sleeping and forced himself on her.

According to the report, the victim tried to push away Mokgothu, but he overpowered her, since she was extremely drunk and powerless.

Mokgothu is believed to be a husband of an entrepreneur, socialite and founder of the women interest forum Phenomenal Women Thato Mokgothu who told The Insider that she has divorced him.

Following the rape reports the Social media has weighed its support on the victim calling for harsh sentence and dismissal of Park Road Police officer dubbed “Corrupt”

One of the social media fanatic, Bella Khanare recalled her ordeal that occurred 2 years ago.

Khanare said after she opened a case police officials were the one urging her to drop the case.

“I was also assaulted back in 2017, i went to parkweg police station open a case.

The officers there were like ” drop the charges, this case wont go far,the magistrate will only want R10 from the person who assaulted you”
The other two ladies were also discouraging me and making me feel guilty for opening the case.

I ended up droping the charges because there was no use of continuing mos, the police there are useless,” she writes.

Another commentor , Eartha Mokhatshane called on users to shame the police officers who support the case dropping.

“The cop should be exposed just like this guy. We must get his full name so we can formally lodge complaints. Im sure a lot of girls and women have been turned back by this animal,” she said.

A friend of the victim Muriel Mpotle also showed her dissatisfaction over what she calls abuse of power.

Mpotle also accused police of wrong doing.

She added: “…He used his power to force himself on a young girl.

The lady got threats of how she should not open a case.

Worse of it all the detective at Parkweg ask the victim to demand money from her abuser and drop the charges.

I am disgusted by how the system of SA is failing young woman who are hurt by man who think they can get away with anything because they have money…”

The Insider has forwarded questions to the culprit’s ex-wife who was reported to have been abused, but she declined to comment.

Meanwhile the Park Road Station commander Brigadier Mahloko Lento called on the complainants with proof of corrupt cops, to come forward and register formal complaint.

“As the police we have taken the issue of the gender based violence as priority. If there are such allegations, let the complainants come and open a case or complaint, ” he said.


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