UPDATE: Lesotho Government Correct Ebola Reports

Health / 14 November 2019/ 09:35am/ Sompane Molefi

FILE: A health worker prepares a vaccination at a health centre during the first clinical trials of the VSV-EBOV vaccine against the Ebola virus. Picture Supplied

Maseru: While World Health Organisation has eased many countries by approving Ebola Vaccine the European Union has also approved the vurus vaccine vaccine to vaccine to be marketed by drug maker Merck & Co Inc.

This happens at this time where there’s uncertainty in Lesotho following the news that there was a case of ebola in the poverty stricken monarch Kingdom which the ministry of health now calls that a ‘simulation exercise’

Lesotho, a country which most of  it’s health needs are dependable on foreign aid is expected to report to its citizen.

It’s Health Minister Nkaku Kabi is expected to  refute allegations of case of Ebola in the mountain Kingdom.

Both WHO and ÈU approvals come less than a month after a European medicines panel backed the first-ever vaccine against the deadly virus.

The vaccine, Ervebo, is approved for individuals aged 18 years and older and has already been used under emergency guidelines to try to protect against the spread of a deadly Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo.


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