Picture: Former Maluti A Phofung Executive Mayor Vusi Tshabalala.

QwaQwa: While he expected to be protected by his own office of the spin-doctors the former Executive Mayor of the Maluti-a-phofung now the Free State MPL and chief whip Vusi Tshabalala has learnt that his own communication team had worked with opposition mainly former ANC dismissed councilors dubbed MAP16 to fabricate audiovisuals to discredit and assassinate his character.

According to the information before The Insider. Maluti A Phofung Senior officials in the Mayor’s office , have used the property of the municipality not in the benefit of the municipality but to portray the former mayor as arrogant person. In the fabricated videos, they have wrongly edited.

The videos as the jumpcuts can be seen to have tried to make a point.

There are WhatsApp conversations between a man who is believed to be a supplier from a company called Java Media and a person believed to be the official in question about the audiovisuals depicting Tshabalala.

In the conversation the official name drops Tshabalala as the one who wants them,  but she tells the supplier not to divuldge the info to anyone.

The Insider has learnt that after the official had received all the data, the house of the owner of the Media House Jabulani Dlamini was broke-in and original data was stolen.

Dlamini has since shown cooperation with the authorities as he suspects foul play from those he gave data to. He has since denied to have edited the fabricated videos citing that the idea to steal and broke into his house was a way to have him to fail to produce original videos.

It is believed that the information was stolen to make people believe that the fabricated videos were originals and also used as part of MAP16 by-elections  campaign.

According to Information Technology (IT) experts that Former Mayor Tshabalala has used and that The Insider has used to asses the authenticity of the videos, both they have confirmed that the videos, were indeed fabricated and also indicated that there is certain original information which was added and removed in those videos.

These fabricated videos where former Mayor Tshabalala, is seen to be addressing his Mayoral Committee went viral few days ahead of Maluti A Phofung, by-elections.

It is still not known how the information which was sent to the official got into the hands of the public, since some of the videos were seen uploaded on social media.

Police have confirmed the burglary that occurred at Dlamini’s house and theft case has been opened.

Meanwhile it is believed that the official who cannot be named at this stage, had given some data to MAP16 to run a propaganda that intended to assassinate Tshabalala’s character, and be used as part of MAP16 propaganda campaign for Maluti A Phofung by-elections.

Former Mayor Tshabalala has denied to have ordered, the municipal official to have the videos to be brought.

Speaking to him on the Sidelines of the Legislature’s program he shown satisfaction that all what he said is appearing to be true. “I feel exonerated by this evidence, more is still coming and those who falsely used my name to get cheap political points will be exposed with their masters, people will be surprised of the information that i will be tabling,” said Tshabalala.

In one of the WhatsApp conversations seen by The Insider, the municipal official tells Dlamini (JM), that the data was needed by Mayoral Committee which Tshabalala had refuted.

Meanwhile The reliable source has since alleged that the official in question is receiving kickbacks in advertising bribes.

The source who is close to her also alleged that, she would often meet with service providers in different hotels and restaurant around the province, where they will give her kickbacks as way of thanking her for ensuring that they receive tenders from the municipality.

The source told The Insider that, service providers complained about the bad treatment that she is giving them, if they refuse to cooperate when she demand kickbacks.

Meanwhile, The Insider sent questions to the Official in question, unfortunately she refused to respond while the junior colleague , who is also involved in the scandal has since been avoiding our calls.

Molefi Sompane 


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