Hawks after suspects of cash-in-transit heist

Members of SAPS doing inspection at the scene. Picture: Ofm
Bloemfontein: The police in the Free State has launched a manhunt for at least ten suspected robbers who allegedly opened fire on a cash-in-transit van on Monday during an attempted heist at Bloemfontein.

Hawks spokesperson, Lynda Steyn, says the organised crime unit left the crime scene very late trying to uncover and trace details of what happened. She says no money was taken nor was anyone injured during the shooting.

OFM News previously reported that bullet cases were found by authorities across the crime scene which stretches over quite a distance along the R702 road. Steyn says the police are not suspecting any inside involvement in the matter.

An eyewitness, who no longer wants his name revealed, told OFM News he was in a minibus taxi on his way to work, travelling with other passengers along the R702 at around 06:30 am, when they spotted a luxury vehicle speeding past towards a cash-in-transit van.

He described the incident as a scene from a movie adding that someone from the luxury vehicle began shooting at the van and the minibus taxi nearly got caught in the crossfire.

The stretch of road between Bloemfontein and Dewetsdorp, 5 kilometres from the Grootvlei Prison, was re-opened late in the afternoon following its closure on the morning after the heist.

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